ISLE 2021 LED International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition was grandly opened

On May 10th, ISLE 2021 LED International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition was grandly opened  in Shenzhen. CAILIANG's theme color covers all corners of the exhibition inside and outside, creating a home court advantage!

CAILIANG presented its super product lineup at booth 9-D01, unlocking more smart application scenarios with brand-new  technology, high-quality products, and complete solutions, attracting industry media such as ISLE and to come live  and interview and the intense attention of many guests.

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01 N1.8 The big screen eye-catching strongly

The most fascinating thing is the N1.8 large screen in the exhibition, which naturally fits human eyes with a 16:9 golden field of view  ratio It makes people involuntarily lock the large screen at a glance, and the screen area utilization rate is directly exploded, which  perfectly eliminates the upper and lower black borders. The built-in high scanning scheme reduces heat generation and stable performance.

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02 D1.25 Screen perfect quality

Cailiang’s flagship product, the ultra-clear small-pitch D1.25 TOP, is more eye-catching for the guests, 15000:1 ultra-high contrast, enhances the contrast between light and dark, 14~16Bit broadcast-level grayscale performance, delicate color reproduction, millions per square meter High-level pixel output, enjoy the original image texture of 4K high-definition high-brush.

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03 Mini led P0.49

High color resolution, wide color gamut, and high dynamic range ensure better pixel-level output. The mini led P0.49 with new packaging technology shocks the scene, and the fully automated equipment improves the process details, splicing milliseconds seamlessly, 4K Surging refresh rate, indulge in the ultimate display.

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04 Outdoor common Anode energy saving

The industry's well-known common anode Voltage deviding energy-saving solution product with over 40% energy saving effect, outdoor common anode D4, has reduced heat generation, longer life, and more load. It provides guests with a comprehensive application solution for intelligent commercial display in multiple application scenarios The more possibilities of the industry have attracted many industry insiders and professional purchasers to stop and watch and compete to experience

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Post time: Mar-07-2023
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