Enjoy 2026 World Cup with the Cailiang led display screen.

Enjoy 2026 World Cup with Cailiang LED Screen

The qualifying rounds for the 2026 United States, Canada and Mexico World Cup have begun. The exciting moment is on the agenda, are you ready for this football feast? Enjoy the exciting games with the Cailiang led display screen.


When it comes to sports, you can’t do without the stadium. Cailiang colorful LED display adds elegance to indoor venues. The bustling environment combined with the ultra-large high-definition LED screen and ultra-wide viewing angle on the field make the audience outside the stadium feel like they are at the World Cup, allowing the audience to have an excellent interactive experience of the event, pushing the excitement of the game to its peak.


Outdoor LED Display

The outdoor LED display breaks the boundaries of space, brings wonderful moments close to you with a shocking visual experience, and allows cheers to break through the silence of the night.

户外1 户外2 户外3

TV Integrated Media

As a real-time broadcast platform for events, the Fusion Media Center has extremely high requirements for display terminals. It uses LED displays to create a real-time transmission of the contents of the Fusion Media Center on the display screen, showing an impactful visual effect.

融媒体1 融媒体2


Enjoy an eyeball and a sip of beer to awaken this passionate moment

酒吧1 酒吧2

Whether you are an expert who knows about football or a spectator who joins in the fun, you can't help but feel excited about this quadrennial event. With the advantages of the exquisite and realistic color rendering and high color reproduction of the Haijia bright LED display, you can enjoy the ultimate audio-visual feast and sing for your favorite team with your friends during the game.

For football game enthusiasts, LED displays bring an immersive watching experience. For businesses such as bars and KTVs, high-definition LED displays can better create a World Cup watching atmosphere.

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  • Post time: Oct-16-2023